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Family Owned and Operated Over 325 Years

Founded in Tokyo in 1690, Yamamotoyama is a family-owned company specializing in green tea and nori seaweed.  Today, the Yamamoto family still serves the finest teas and nori from the same spot as the original store, and all over the world. 

Before 1738, only the wealthy had access to green tea. Everyone else brewed leaves in boiling water, resulting in a brown liquid with a slightly bitter taste. Kahei Yamamoto II wanted to make green tea accessible to everyone, and he learned that steaming tea leaves resulted in a delicious tea with a fresh yellow-green color, balanced sweetness, and a mild astringency that retains its vitamins and nutrients. This tea became an instant sensation, and made Yamamotoyama a household name... Continue Reading


Pumpkin Spice Hoji Latte

October 24, 2017

Hojicha is wonderful for drinking at all times of the year and any time of day, but it’s especially cozy for enjoying in the fall. In the best possible way, this tea reminds me of fallen leaves–woodsy, twiggy and earthy. For both color and taste, there’s a good amount of pumpkin puree added to this latte. You can add more or less than the suggested amount of strongly brewed tea to adjust the thickness of the drink to your liking. As the recipe is written, this latte has the consistency of eggnog and makes a nice swap out for dessert.... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Leftovers Temaki

October 23, 2017

Is there any room left in the fridge after last night’s dinner? At this point, I’m guessing that the chill box is chock full of leftovers. This recipe for Thanksgiving Leftovers Temaki is exactly what you need to finish up whatever delicious morsels remain after Turkey Day! This is an East meets West take on sushi hand rolls, an easy and healthy meal or snack to serve alongside a piping hot cup of Japanese tea. For a post-Thanksgiving lunch, it’s common to throw everything onto sandwich bread and call it a day. But if you’re trying to cut back a... Continue Reading →

Genmaicha Crusted Salmon with Green Tea Soba

October 04, 2017

When it comes to cooking with tea, you can easily find recipes where food is either infused or has steeped tea added to it. Less commonly, you’ll find recipes where you can taste tea in its full form, where the tea leaves are actually eaten whole. In this recipe for Genmaicha Crusted Salmon with Green Tea Soba, tea is used like a spice. If you’re looking for a subtle way to spruce up best-quality wild salmon, this is the recipe for you! I love serving this salmon with green tea soba for its color and flavor. Tea-infused ponzu broth means... Continue Reading →

Almost No-Carb Sushi

September 30, 2017

When it comes to sushi, white rice seems like a must-have ingredient. But for those looking for a lighter, less carb-heavy option, Almost No-Carb Sushi is the answer! I know what you’re thinking: Almost No-Carb Sushi…what am I thinking! Ok, this is definitely a different take on sushi, but one worth trying if you’re super strict with counting carbs. The trick here is to swap out cauliflower bits for starchy white rice. Cream cheese helps the cauliflower to bind and work just like regular rice does. Here, I’ve made some California Rolls and Hosomaki, thin rolls that typically only have... Continue Reading →

Gyokuro Cucumber Mojito

August 22, 2017

Smooth, savory and sweet, Gyokuro Cucumber Mojitos are the perfect cocktail for any occasion. This drink is a step-up from your standard mojito, balanced and sophisticated thanks to a bright pop of best-quality Japanese green tea. What makes this cocktail amazing are the additions of green, fresh flavor found throughout. The base starts with Yamamotoyama’s shade-grown Gyokuro green tea, also known as “pearl dew’ or “precious dew drop” green tea. The tea adds a mellow sweetness and hints of umami, resulting in a refreshing and rich highball. Atop the tea base we add 3 other ingredients: fresh mint, wedges of... Continue Reading →