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Family Owned and Operated Over 325 Years

Founded in Tokyo in 1690, Yamamotoyama is a family-owned company specializing in green tea and nori seaweed.  Today, the Yamamoto family still serves the finest teas and nori from the same spot as the original store, and all over the world. 

Before 1738, only the wealthy had access to green tea. Everyone else brewed leaves in boiling water, resulting in a brown liquid with a slightly bitter taste. Kahei Yamamoto II wanted to make green tea accessible to everyone, and he learned that steaming tea leaves resulted in a delicious tea with a fresh yellow-green color, balanced sweetness, and a mild astringency that retains its vitamins and nutrients. This tea became an instant sensation, and made Yamamotoyama a household name... Continue Reading


Gingham Sencha Tea Cakes

April 19, 2017

As spring is officially in full swing, it’s all about the gingham this time of year. Because I love it so much, for the longest time I’ve been trying to translate this iconic pattern into something edible for afternoon tea. Just in time for Easter, I finally figured it out, all thanks to one very special ingredient. If you’ve ever decorated cakes or cookies with fondant or gum paste before, you know that those methods of cake decorating involve a lot of, well…work! Pastel soy wrappers are the easiest way to create a gingham look to all your spring-themed cakes... Continue Reading →

Carrot & Raisin Chicken Salad Wraps

April 18, 2017

A trip to the local farmer’s market yesterday yielded 2 gorgeous bags of produce and a bunch of organic carrots that went straight into making these Carrot & Raisin Chicken Salad Wraps. For some reason, springtime fresh veggies just seem to taste better when they’re eaten the same day that they’re bought! Chicken salad comes in so many classic variations, many on the salty and savory side. This version has a mild, natural sweetness thanks to the addition of grated carrots, raisins, and some orange zest and juice. It’s important to grate fresh carrots here instead of using pre-shredded carrots.... Continue Reading →

Green Tea Chia Yogurt

March 28, 2017

My favorite time to enjoy Green Tea Chia Yogurt is basically anytime of day. For breakfast, dessert, or even as a mid-day pick me up, this nutritious snack is easy to love. Yogurt seems to come in almost every flavor you can imagine these days, but one flavor that you don’t see much of is green tea! The taste of green tea is mild and refreshing here, a gentle layer of freshness that complements the taste of vanilla. Tiny black chia seeds are packed with antioxidants, protein and fiber. Suspended in liquid, they taste something like gel covered strawberry seeds.... Continue Reading →

Cherry Blossom Tea Cocktails

March 28, 2017

While roaming though Little Tokyo the other day, I was lucky enough to come across a fresh bucket of cherry blossom branches at one of the local flower shops. With a light trail of petals fallen behind me, I left inspired to create a tea cocktail that would showcase these iconic signs of spring. The base of this cocktail starts with tea-infused sake or vodka. Using some tender leaves of organic Sencha, the infusion only takes an hour to develop a light and refreshing layer of tea taste. You can make these with either sake or vodka. Using sake will... Continue Reading →

Sakura Blossom Sushi

March 27, 2017

Every spring, I make it a point to celebrate with sakura blossoms. These blush-pink blooms mark the arrival of another sunny time of year, and of course, picnic or hanami season! Many imagine the flavor of sakura blossoms as being cherry-like, but because the flowers are pickled, it’s actually much more of a salty flavor. Although the blooms have some floral undertones, sakura blossoms taste nothing like cherries. Since we eat with our eyes, I thought it might be a good idea to feature sakura blossoms atop a savory dish like sushi. For those new to sakura, this is a... Continue Reading →