In hopes of bringing authentic, traditional Japanese tastes ti the world, Kahei Yamamoto IX(ninth) opened an office I Los Angeles, California in 1975. Realizing the importance of providing the very freshest Green Tea and Nori products, he built a U.S. production facility the following year. Experts were dispatched from Japan to guide the entire operation, from the purchasing of selected raw materials to the processing, packaging, and storage of the product. To ensure proper safety and hygiene, the plant instituted HACCP and GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and has made every effort to provide products that customer can enjoy with confidence.

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YAMAMOTOYAMA K.K.   2-5-2 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
The parent company, with its history dating over 300 years, has its headquarters in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.  The building has its own teahouse on the ground floor where customers can relax and enjoy a delicious cup of tea.  The main production facility is in Shizuoka with sales office located throughout Japan.
Historical Timeline
1690 Kahei Yamamoto I, formed his store in Edo (current Nihonbashi, Tokyo).
1738 Kahei Yamamoto IV introduced steamed green tea to the public (This is the beginning of today's Japanese Sencha green tea).  The new tea called “Tenkaichi” (Best on the Earth) wins enormous popularity throughout Edo.
1835 Kahei Yamamoto VI discovers a new way to produce green tea from the highest quality of leaves, and named it Gyokuro-cha. It was sold during the Edo Era and is still considered the highest quality of green tea till this day.
1836 Japan suffers the Tenpo Famine caused by nationwide crop failure; one third of the population dies of starvation. The entire Yamamotoyama enterprise devotes itself to relief, giving away white rice that was worth more than gold, and azuki beans to hungry people.
1909 Green tea brand named “Yamamotoyama” becomes spectacularly popular. This tea flies out of store shelves creating record sales. As much as 1200kg sold in a single day.
1923 Original store, seven warehouse and Fukagawa branch store are destroyed in the great Kanto Earthquake.
1941 Yamamotoyama K.K. is formally incorporated.
1947 Yamamotoyama starts to process and sell Nori seaweed.
1951 The new Yamamotoyama building is constructed in Nihonbashi to accommodate the addition and growth of the company due to Nori /Seaweed.
1970 A subsidiary is formed in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
1975 Another subsidiary is formed in Los Angels, USA.
1993 Acquisition of Stash Tea Company (from minority owner to 100% owner)